Deb Rollings

Deb Rollings

Supervision provides a forum
for exploring your experience as a counsellor

Professional Supervision is an important part of your growth as a therapist, it ensures you are supported in your quality of practice for the important work you do with clients.

It offers guidance for your personal and professional needs providing a platform to discuss cases with objective feedback.

Deb Rollings Psychotherapist and Professional Supervisor

What are some issues that can be presented
in your Supervision sessions?

  • Ethical dilemmas
  • Setting up your own private practice
  • How to find a job
  • Emotional support
  • Self care
  • Issues of transference
  • Observing boundaries
  • Learning new strategies, techniques
  • Provision of resources
  • Exploring perspectives
  • Education
  • Difficult and/or complex cases

My motivation as a supervisor
is to support the development of
your work with clients by
reflecting together on your experience
and providing clear guidelines

I work holistically
with anything that arises
in your work as a therapist

For Students

Supervision is an important part of your development to become a professional therapist.

It provides an opportunity for you to learn and practise skills within the framework of your educational needs, while enhancing your competency with those skills.

Through Professional Supervision sessions with Deb Rollings over the last few years, I have increased my confidence, and gained insight from her many years of experience.

Being consistently challenged and encouraged by Deb has been extraordinarily valuable, both personally and professionally.

Linda Smith


Supervision Fees

Clinical Supervision  A$130.00 / hr
Student Supervision  A$90.00 / hr

Clinical Supervision
A$130.00 / hour

Student Supervision
A$90.00 / hour

Deb was my supervisor for five years. During this time I found her to be a very kind and embracing supervisor.  Her wisdom, professionalism, skill set and humour helped me immensely.

She guided me through some very rough times and I believe I became a better therapist for knowing her.

Kellie Kaanar


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